Roquebrook is a trusted Construction Manager and Developer, recognised for delivering high quality projects – on time and on budget. We provide services, skills and knowledge across all areas of construction and development. Our positive approach, and collaboration with partners, registered social landlords and communities creates life-enhancing solutions.

Working together, we will identify and develop the best solutions for a project. We have the expertise to deliver successful schemes in a challenging economy, getting the optimum value from the land and delivering benefits to communities as a whole. We manage each project from initial concept to completion using our full range of collaborative, value-added services.

Roquebrook offers a modern, unique approach to building. We utilise highly skilled people and commercial acumen to find creative solutions that fit within economic or political restrictions. We excel at the use of ethically sourced, environmentally conscious designs and building processes. We have experience of both traditional construction and off-site fabrication and can identify the best solution for any project, ensuring all construction complements its surroundings and the needs of the community.

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